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Aunt Cynthia

I have a mother daughter/son relationship with my nieces and nephews.  3 of them have been baptized, but they haven`t received from my sisters the support they needed to remain firm in their faith. I love my sisters, but not being a member doesn`t help at all. They never thought it was important wake them up on Sundays morning to go to church for example. They don`t have a testimony about it. It is hard to be far and not have the same influence over them and remember them that they are loved by a Heavenly Father and that their lives have purpose.


this picture was taken when I left Brazil

Flavio Rodrigo: He is 18 years old. I had become an aunt when he was born. Flavinho, as we call him, loves soccer. His dream is play for some soccer team in Italy or Spain one day. We don`t agree in this subject because we both don`t cheer for the same soccer team in my hometown. Flavio is very smart. He can learn very quickly many things. When He was around 15, he has figured out that he can dance and very well. I was always impressed by how well he could dance Brazilian style. But his purpose is enjoy the life in its fullness. I remember doing family scripture study with him and family prayer. Specially when something wrong was going on in our family. I love him so much. He has gotten his first job and I am really excited for him. I always tell him to behave at work and do his best.



Maria Eduarda: She is my copy: thin and smart. Du, Duda (or any other crazy nickname I had called her in the past) is really responsible and will hate anyone who crosses her mom`s way. She has an adoration for her mom, my older sister Joelma, who is also, Flavio`s mother. She has been graduated from high School when was 16 years old. Now, a year later, she is studying to be a Mechanic Technician. I wonder when she goes to College which field she will choose. She tried to become a top model but it didn`t work. She is also in her first job, working for a popular department store in Brazil. Whenever I have a chance, I tell her to be honest and do her best, not waiting someone to tell her to do something she sees that needs to be done. She makes everyone in our family proud. She inherit the cloths I couldn't fit in my suitcase when I moved.

su e du

Suellen Rayssa: Sylvia, my other sister is her mom. Suellen has been raised for my mom, to allow Sylvia to keep her job and for her dad`s mom later. Today, being 15 years old, she has had problems to progress at school repeatedly. I was too demanding with her in the past, asking her to do what was right in my view. suellenSuellen is so beautiful in and out. I miss not being close to her to say as much as didn`t say in the past that I love her and that she is a special daughter of Heavenly Father. I talked to her over the phone today and I reminded her of this. But, to say the truth, I wish I was closer to have the opportunity to hug her strongly. The youth needs us to remind them of their spiritual values. Specially when they think they don`t have a skill or that they aren`t worthy. They usually can`t believe it themselves, unless someone believes it first. Su, has been back to school and we are setting up some goals, so she can feel proud of herself. 

Leonardo: He is the youngest and was named after my father. He is doing great at school and I sent him some gifts to recognize the good job he has done. Leo, has an OgAAABBbw2BRHRNUECuc3AjiXcoY_ImGe-SIxan7aPFrZ8VcmipB_k_9hL6IOr1B5vkAcl3fyfpo_K-D2E4tNA1q3qYAm1T1UHW2JZbwD4WURlLuTndXXvDO_-JUadoration for Du, my niece. I think Du is his favorite member of our family. He is playing soccer too, and is excited to learn more and more. Recently, he had a “birthday party” to celebrate his 8th year of life and his dad`s sister had a surprise at her house, because she had promised him to bake him a cake: her house was full of kids from the neighborhood on the evening. The result of Leo inviting everybody to his “party”. There was no place to step forward or step back there on that night. Sylvia, his mom, always says he is going to be a dentist and I don`t know if it is his desire or her dream. I remember one night when he was a baby, I decided staying at home with him instead of hanging out with my lds friends. I wrote it in my journal that night.


Because my sisters are not members, I thought I would have the responsibility to nourish them spiritually. I do it as much as I can, but it is not so easy. I love being an aunt.

domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

Patriarchal Blessing

Today, Dylan received his Patriarchal Blessing and it was a priceless family experience. I am so very thankful for mine and I know he`ll love his and will use it to strengthen his testimony of Our Savior and His true gospel. Sometime ago, we had a Relief Society activity in my Ward about Patriarchal Blessing. I was in WA in that occasion but I was really glad to get a handout later and now I share here it. Sorry guys, I scanned the pages and hope you can read what is on it. Maybe printing the pictures is the best way to read because the font is really small on it.

Patriarchal blessing front 001

Patriarchal Blessing back 001

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Helping your husband to reach his full potential.

Other day I went to Deseret Book store and as I couldn't find what I was looking for, I kept on browsing what they have to offer. Don`t you know women are supposed to buy even when they don`t purchase what they want? Just kidding. I saw a little cute book with a title almost the same as the one in this post. I went through the pages to read a little, as we usually do before buying a book. The author has good ideas under this subject. But I find myself reading what I already do. I didn't purchased anything.

So, I went back to home and pondered about relationships between the couple. I don`t know if it is a newly wedded woman speaking of if it is a natural gift that I hold. But I think I treat my husband as a King. To me, he is the most important person on earth. My best friend, the easiest to love. I treat him as a King, I mean King with a capital “K”.

There are many people out there who can`t be humble to recognize how amazing is the person with whom they are married. Some homes have no place for the love to be spoken. It hurts my thoughts and much more my feelings. The Gospel is so clear and easy to understand. I know it is quite hard to be obedient, but try it at least. Sometime ago I heard this: “About your loved ones (and now I have husband and kids in my mind), we should praise them in public and correct them in secret)”. Ask me about my husband and the kids and I`ll always tell you how amazing they are. This is one of the thoughts I shared with Ernie and he agreed in doing that. Against your will, you`ll find many people to tell you what to do. Don`t give them one more reason to manage you. If you tell them how bad is this or how bad is that, they`ll make you act as they think is the best. But they don`t know. Your eternal companion is the one who should know about his owns mistakes or actions that didn't bring happiness at all. Remember the power of communicating your feelings.

I pray a lot for my husband reaches his full potential. After many years working for the same company, He has decided to move forward and experience the “waters in another ocean”. I know how responsible he is. I`m so grateful and proud of him for working hard and providing for us and the kids. I even destroyed the “buyer dispositive” I had in my brain to be financial responsible in this time of changes. I get so excited every time He comes with a new situation that happened at work and tell me everything about it. I remember him asking me: “what if I`m doing the wrong choice?” I told him that even if he mistakes he will do it trying to do the right thing, with the best of his abilities. And counseled him to not think negatively about what the future holds. Heavenly Father always provides when we are doing our best.

I kept on taking care of him and our home. I love so much our place. It is what we can afford. It is where we can be happy together. I`m so very thankful for everything that we have. I let him know that I notice his hard work and that I love what he does. I recognize my husband as the leader in our home and I enjoy working with Him in this matter, but I know that he is the one who holds the Priesthood and receive revelations to guide our family.

“Open your eyes before you get married. When you get married, close them”. I heard Decoles Granja, a former Stake President, repeat this statement over and over. He meant by this that we cannot live well together in a environment full of criticism. We`ll do some mistakes, but that is why forgiven exists. You had your chance to choose, and now that you did, please, love your choice. I love my choice.


This month, the visiting teaching message on Ensign has this quote from Joseph Smith: “The Church was never perfectly organized until the women were thus organized”. And I paraphrase: neither our husband or family. Be the change you want to see and you`ll help your husband reaching his full potential.

segunda-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2011

Aos lideres do Sacerdocio um muito obrigado!

Ha alguns anos atras, acho que entre os anos de 2000 e 2002 (nao lembro qual exatamente), tivemos em Recife muitas visitas do Elder Scott. Eram Seroes para adultos solteiros e ORM, Conferencia Regional, direito a ouvi-lo no Instituto. elder scottEu tive experiencias pessoais muito marcantes com a presenca daquele ungido do Senhor em minha cidade. Sei que nao e adequado falar de favoritismo no que diz respeito ao Apostolado, mas, nao diferente de alguns outros amigos, o Elder Scott tornou-se meu favorito. Ele, juntamente com o Profeta, eram sempre os discursos mais esperados nas Conferencias Gerais, principalmente, porque o Elder Scott traduz o proprio discurso em portugues. Era tao bom ser admoestado no meu idioma por uma testemunha do Salvador. Tao edificante ser inspirada atraves de suas palavras que nao importa o que tenhamos feito, o Senhor nos ama e nos perdoara sempre, mediante nossa demonstracao de arrependimento. Essa saudade bateu porque vi alguns amigos comentarem com alegria de um serao que aconteceu em Recife, ontem, com a presenca do Elder Claudio Costa.

Fui muito abencoada com a lideranca de pessoas tao especiais no passado em minha cidade. Tive Mauricio Cabral como meu primeiro Presidente de Ramo, Jamesson Ferreira, Cristiano Albuquerque, Jilcireno Dionizio, Kleber Lima e Jao Francisco como meus bispos. Granja, Homolka e Edney Moura como meus Presidentes de Estaca. Sem mencionar as duplas que cada um desses homens teve como Conselheiros. Em minha juventude rebelde as vezes fui “grossa”. Mas com o passar dos anos eu entendi, e hoje sei que cada um desses homens, chamado pelo Senhor para me guiar, me ajudaram de alguma maneira a me manter firme. E por essas coisas eu dedico a eles minha eterna gratidao. Aqui eu nesse pouco tempo ja vi uma mudanca na lideranca de minha Ala. Amo demais o Bispo Otteson e sou grata pela lideranca dele e tambem de seu antecessor, Bispo Web. O meu Presidente de Estaca e um amor. Da pra imaginar um Patriarca sendo seu Presidente de Estaca? Por ai voce tira. As vezes, quando ele esta no pulpito, da umas pausas nas palavras e eu tenho a impressao de que ele para pra escutar, se e que voce me entende.

Ainda bem que eles me amaram o suficiente para suportar o meu barulho.

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Let me share a little of what brought me to US…

I was 25 and single. Single LDS guys were rare in my city. Well, at least the ones about my age. Most of my friends were married. They had other couples to hang out with. I have been active all my life. I attended every single conference, Institute Classes and broadcast possible. Being in a place where you can find LDS people improves your chance of find “that special someone”. But, nope, there was no guy available in that “market”.

One day I had an unofficial conversation with my stake President, Hebert Homolka. I confided: “there is no man here”. By this, I meant: no guys available to date. I was not the only one complaining. I understand that it wasn't the Priesthood leader’s fault, but as he was my friend and not only my leader I felt comfortable to share. He answered me: “you should try the thing online”. I felt weird. I wasn't an “online person”. Then I saw myself going into those “what ifs”: “President, what if I fell into one of those prostitution networks?” There are tons of Brazilians dating or finding jobs out of the country that are forced to be sexual slaves. This happens especially in European countries. So, my stake President, who knows English better than I said: “When you find the guy, ask what Ward he attends, ask for that ward’s phone number. I`ll call his leaders to check his background”. I felt safe. He may not remember that, but I did. Actually I never asked for his help after that. I had my own way to do the right thing. The Temple was only 10 minutes away from my house. When there was a guy online interested in going to Brazil to meet me, I also invited him to bring his Temple Recommend, so we could go to the Temple together. In my mind, to marry me in the Temple, he has to be a Temple Recommend holder. So… This is what I did.

I went to one of those LDS dating websites, there are tons of them. I met the first one at He went to Brazil, we had fun, but, we broke up. Then I met another guy at Yes, I had profiles in many of these websites - ha-ha. This guy went to Brazil 2 times in almost 2 years of the relationship. But it didn't work. After two tries of online date, I felt like: “It is not going to work”. I was even accepting the idea of being a single forever. I would rather accept that, than marrying outside the Temple. In other words, for those who don`t know, yes, Ernie was my 3rd American boyfriend. And… How did I meet him? I used the technology on my behalf. I didn't have anything to do at the time I was just chatting with my ex every night after college. So, I connected into one of these websites, now, a third one: Many guys were sending me e-mails; some good-looking ones, some weird ones, some funny ones, some dirty ones and even some inactive ones. I felt myself having fun and not feeling depressed. You don`t have to trust everything online. If someone shows no virtue in conversation, by a simple click, we can delete this person from our life forever. Easy. Right? Maybe not.

By sharing this: I`m not trying to say that the online thing is the best. It’s not magic. It’s not the perfect way to meet people. But at least it worked to me. I just would like to share a little more information about this online dating thing. Before the US guys arrived in Recife, I was available to go in a date with the LDS guys, but it never happened. “What if” someone interesting showed up? Would I lose the opportunity of dating someone closer to me? Of course not! But, there were no guys available or interested. I had no dates with Brazilians. The last Brazilian I dated was in 2002. Stupid Brazilians! Just kidding. How could they let me go? Ha-ha.

So, when I met Ernie, I had almost giving up. I didn't want to suffer again. It is a lot of emotional investment. Then I thought: “What if” He is the right guy? “What if” now, I`m the wrong, losing the chance of getting to know someone who shows interest? And after prayers, my worries went away. I welcomed him to my city. We were pretty honest about what was going on in our lives. Honesty was very helpful. So, Ernie went to Brazil 5 times, we got engaged on his second trip, during Christmas. The last time He flew, we went to Rio de Janeiro for my VISA interview. My family fell in love with him as they do with everybody else who shows the humor that Ernie has. My grandma took as good care of him as if he was her own blonde grown up grandson - ha-ha. Anyway; I arrived in Phoenix on November 18th, 2009. A month later we were sealed in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.


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Sou a CEO da minha familia, a chef da nossa cozinha, piloto de fogao, especialista em transportes, decoradora, pscicologa, medica, esposa, mae, amiga... a lista e grande. mas tem uma coisa que sou igualzinha a voce: IMPERFEITA (O).