quinta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2011

Hiking has become a passion

It is also the way I have found to have fun without spending money. There are tons of mountains here in AZ, specifically in PHX area. Choose a good one and hike it. We have the benefit of working out and burning some calories, which is so important for physical and mental health. I can`t deny all the good effects to my sanity provided by these hikes. Whoever needs a little bit more of sanity please raise your hand and join us.

If you are morally clean you can stand in anybody`s presence.

I heard this statement last night during a combined mutual for boys and girls. We were taught about how to prepare for job interviews and dates. What a great night! Have you ever felt that you were at the right place, at the right time listening to the right thing? These were my feelings last night. About 6 months ago, I got my employment authorization. Many things had happened since then. But I can tell that I have applied for many jobs in several different areas, I got some calls inviting me for interviews but I still wasn't find worthy to be hired for any company.

I went to Business School in Brazil and got a Bachelor of Arts in Office Administration. 61942_141544679222018_100000994592458_198511_7278995_nI spent 4 years of my life preparing myself to become valuable for any company. I had great experiences in my internship programs. I worked really hard to have enough money to provide for my loved ones and also offer them some entertainment and saving for my future. I had worked in 3 different companies. The economy or market, in Brazil, wasn't so good at that time. I couldn't get the job of my dreams for so long, n758509414_643550_3183also because I was engaged and waiting to immigrate to US, my VISA would arrive at any time. These situations, nowadays, reflect in my resume negatively, I guess.

After spending hours completing tons of applications online, getting the chance of being interviewed and not getting the job, I can`t deny how frustrated I am. There is no way to control these feelings so easy as we talk. We need to put into it a lot of efforts to remember who we are and don`t forget our dreams and goals.

I was sharing my feelings with my husband this past week. He told me something really simple and true: “Don`t feel this way. Satan is working on you”. Those who know me will understand that. I`m a religious person and I believe that as much as there is a God who loves us, inspires us, guides us and wishes us the best, there is an enemy of all righteousness who attempt to destroy the plans of this God. And he will be close to tempts us, makes us feel unable and powerless, even unworthy. I need to “sell my fish” with more creativity. Understanding, myself, that I have most of the skills required to develop a good work. Remembering that being morally clean I don`t have to be afraid in the interviewer`s presence. I don`t have any bad thing to hide. I have lots to share an some couple of more things to learn.

Keeping myself morally clean and not being afraid of what the future has to reveal me, this is my goal.

segunda-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2011

Was I born to serve the youth?


I`m not sure, but this is the impression I got after years serving in many callings that have connected me to the youth.

I have been a Counselor at YW Presidency here and in Brazil with both Ward`s and Stake`s responsibilities. I have accepted a call to serve as a Camp Director just a week before the Girls Camp, few years before leaving Brazil. Believe or not, I have been a Seminary teacher for 2 years, teaching The Book of Mormon and Doctrines and Covenants. I was called to be the seminary teacher in my ward, right after I graduate. I was 18 years old and have been a member for ONLY 16 months or so. I can`t deny the level of spirituality I have reached during these little missions and the knowledge earned with my willingness to serve. Being so young, I faced my fears, lack of experience and even knowledge of the Doctrines and Plan of Salvation. I only had my young testimony and a strong belief that there was a Father in Heaven Who would help me and strength me, teach me from high, inspire me and guide me.

One day, few months after my wedding, I got a call from a High Priest. I was so nervous. I would have a heart attack if I got any calling at that time. When that man told me what it was about: “be part of the group of women that would serve at the kitchen during the Girls Camp” WHAT A RELIEF! I QUICKLY ACCEPTED!!!! I met great and lovely women from my Stake. I had lots of fun and built some connections. I was so excited about how this activity was held here in US that when asked about it, I barely could stop talking or reporting. I think all this excitement was noticed by my Father in Heaven. It didn't took so long to be called as a Counselor of YW in my own Ward. And I was like: “what?????, YW again?”

I felt the love and inspiration of the great leaders, who I am blessed to serve with. They are such an inspiration and source of knowledge and experience. Their testimonies had touched me so deeply and I love them so much. The girls are so special, smart and cute. They are very talented and friendly, sweet and full of energy. We have cheerleaders, musicians, writers, good communicators, athletes, creative and joyful girls. They have no idea how much I Iearn with them and how their patience with me has helped me. At the beginning, when teaching, I messed up with communication. I felt how hard it was to share my testimony and the lesson in a way that they could understand. Hopefully, i`m getting better. I`m developing the gift of speaking in different languages, as promised me in my Patriarchal Blessing.

Have I been born to serve them? Whatever is the answer, I accept it as one of the most exciting experiences of my life. The YW draw me closer to my Savior and to my Heavenly Father.

Jade Fielding, Sierra Pratt (my step daughter), Lily Blaser, Stefani Jarman, Jordan Wingate and Ali Blaser.

This past Sunday we were missing Laurel Gwilllian, Nita Pulver, Jill Wingate and Dani Keith. Soon, our class will be even more beautiful with all the girls.


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