terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2009


When you are a little girl, nobody will be amazed if you get a new or many news dolls as a birthday present. That happened to me.

Teenagers girls are energetic and most of their stuffs are very colorful. I remember i got a pen with many write colors when i was around 12th birthday. It was in fashion at that time and i was sooooo excited to have my own!!!!!!!

Wake up girl! Or should i say: "wake up woman!"?
Now you're in your 30th birthday, no more dools, no more pens.
You'll get an anti-aging as your birthday present!!!!!!!
Yeah... before i forget to share, i got one.
Who gave me? My best friend!!! Does it hurt more?
Or it just means that she knows more than any other person my
reals age sings? My "cute little" wrinkles?

Thanks my dear friend. I think your present "opened my eyes", no just because it was

for eyes area...

sexta-feira, 17 de abril de 2009

Celebrating the 1st "century" of my existence

Some pics of the time we spent at the restaurant celebrating my birthday (April, 18):
I'm getting older #$%¨*&!#$"[)*]0}%$!arrrrrrrrrrg

Leonardo, my nephew, and my nieces Suellen and Eduarda

Mom, Joelma, my older sister, Me and Grandma

Sylvia, Me and Joelma. We are "The three sisters"

Going back to home, what a birthday
Well, those who look to all of these pictures above don't know what i had made and face to get that point. I'm not a little girl, neither the most wonderful woman, talking about experience. I'm just on the way. I walked, learned, crying or smiling i think i really did my best...

Let me show ya some of my memories about the "century" of my existence, in each age until now:

1 I don't remember anything from that age, but i know i was a fat baby.
2 Neither from that, I just know that i was still fat.
3 I remember trying to show with good cordination with my 3 fingers , what was my age.
4 I was learning that letter "E" has just 3 "arms" and not that much we can write in a letter "I"
5 Showing already that i would have a "yellow" personality, always loudy girl. I also was doing great with pencils in my hand, I was an artist ;)
6 Bored because i change school and was in a grade where i could do all activities in few seconds, i was so smart to kindergarden.
7 Finally in 1st grade, but learning everything so fast, other kids were less fast than me.
8 I gave my 1st kiss. I can't denny! His name was "Rômulo". Dad died that year too. The 2nd stuff wasn't motivated for the 1st btw :)
9 Learning how to live with less money, that isn't easy to kids understand, it was a hard time...
10 I was an actress at scholl. Always in a small teather to perform Portuguese texts we had during the lessons
11 I was in 5th grade. The girl's breasts were growing and i asked myself: "where is mine?" I couldn't find anything in a search under my t-shirt. Too thin girl!!!!
12 I could be in "YW" but i wasn't mormon, so i was falling in love with a nice boy at the school. His name was Fabiano. He was soooooo cute, intelligent and different of other boys...
13 To my sadness, that boy, Fabiano, leave the school that year. He never knew my feelings... For girls on that age the boys should discover our feelings, well, now in 2009, i don't thing the girls are so "slow". My first nephew was born that year.
14 My period begings. Finally! I hated to say: "no" when the girls asked me about that. But, since now, i could open a very large smile to say "yes".
15 High School! Sad at the beggining. Some friends went to other schools. I thought i lose them. My first niece was born that year too.
16 First year studing at night, i hated to lose the great chapters of "novelas"
17 Last year in High School. I found the Gospel and was baptized. I reborn, it was 1996.
18 I had my first birthday party as surprise. My Seminary teacher made it. Thanks Mônica!
19 I understood that i should marry for Eternity, a good mormon guy. I was working as a sale girl that year too.
20 I wrote many letters to missionaries friends, specially Ricardo and Eduardo from my ward.
21 Believe me, i had my 1st boyfriend, Daniel, that year. He wasn't my 1st date or 1st kiss. But 1st boyfriend!!! Daniel said that i was "yellow" he was talking about the color code. It was my 1st contact with these concepts.
22 I was preparing myself to go to university.
23 University, here I am!!!!!!!!
24 Wishing to leave the job as a sale that weren't the best, but i fear too much move on.
25 I was hating my job as a sale girl. It was stressful. But, that was my way of paying bills.
26 The nature requires me to be a mother and i thought i should be maried first. My stake president at that time had counseled me to try online dates. He told me that because he knew there wasn't availables singles mormons to date here. Most of my friends were getting married and i was wishing the same to me. Dating online, i met Wade.
27 The relationship with Wade ends and I met Robert and start dreaming about building a family again.
28 First offcial job as a Secretary, wow. Year of my graduation too.
29 To my sadness the relationship with Robert ends. But, as i "work" fast, i met Ernie and I'm happy. During the Christmas he asked me officially to be his wife. I acepted, of course. We're engaged now.
30 This period just starts to me. I'm enjoying this, but i would prefer to talk about that later in the end of the year or something like that. Maybe, at that time i'll have great news to update.
I'm now waiting for the next 30!!!!!!!!!!

quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2009

English Teacher

Yeah, proactive people and also talented as i am (hehehehe) are able to work in many different things. I start working with sales, then i decide to go to university and now I'm graduated in Business but to be a Secretary. Since i lose my last Secretary position, i thought and trust (by the way), that i would be blessed, that i could find a job to "do" some money and pay for my bills. it's because internet isn't free and a good insurance health neither!!!!!! Well, I'm here to say that the heavens are opened to me. I don't mean I'm moving to post mortal state, no! Not yet!!!!! You guys should have me close for a while yet! I mean that the heavens are really opened and a friend of mine asked me about 1 month ago: "Cynthia, would you like to teach English?" Can you guess what was the answer that comes out of my mouth? Yes! Yes for both: You can guess and of course, "yes" was the answer.

People, i'm on that team now! I'm an English Teacher. I'm not that polyglot, not yet! But i can teach and have fun. I provide a nice place to make my studants open to learn. I had feel that teacher is the only job that get close to maternity. We are kind of responsible to share some special knowledge that will make the group or person, in that dependence, need you. They need instructions, they will love you. You'll be kind of their hero. I'm really enjoying this! As i can't speak english so perfect yet, sometimes i do mistakes. But i say: "teachers are like taxi drivers, both do mistakes". These words will make sence if you guys know that I'm teaching English for a group of 30 taxi drivers. A nice excuse, don't you think so?

So, in my first day, i studyed the lesson, prayed to ask for Lord's help, instructions and guidance and then i leave to work. It was easier than I thought! Mabe it was just the prayer working!!!!!
I'm greateful for that. I'm greatefull for the friends that i have made. "My" boys look at me as a friend. They come to share their problems, worries and happiness. But, besides that part, and that i can pay my bills, I'm feeling satisfied, useful and happy. I cannot only pay my bills. I can buy more ;) just kidding.

Well, better we kow some of them. These pictures are during the coffe-break.




Alonso. That one brings me home every day for free

Veiga and Moisés.

terça-feira, 14 de abril de 2009

General Conference

These times are always wonderfull to give ear to the Lord's words. I'm so greatefull for the guidance provided by a Prophet and all the General Autorities. I had some inspirational thoughts during the sections. I had some ideas about how to act, what to do. I could feel "why" many things are happening to me. Yeah, we need these Conferences!!!!!!!!

Now, you guys will see some pictures and its descriptions, I hope you enjoy it...


These boys take my patience away. They call me aunt Cynthia. Do I have nephews so old?

Gutão and Messinho (sunglasses)

I had a picture section on Sunday and i couldn't take myself away from this motocicle.

Trust me: I don't drive anything...

Elder Rodrigues, He is in MTC now.

My great friend Natan. I watch most of the sections by his side. It was such a blessing.

We talk a lot. We learned together. We spend some time trying to aplly the talks to our circumstances and it made me remember Institute classes and our talks after the lessons.

As mortal and imperfects we had our time "fofocando" too

Here are some friends that Institute gave me: Juliana, Daniele and Angela.
They are friends who made me remember always who i am and why i have come to mortality. With them i already shared many of my dreams, i talked about my fears and frustrations.


Cristiano (Macaxeira's bishop) toke the youth to eat pizza and celebrate his Birthday. After the pizza section, that was delicious, we had an icecream section. What a yummy afternoon.

Here: Aline, Suellen (my niece) and me

Fanta with Roziane, uhooooooooo

Our "small" table for about 18 people
We were crossing the grid, the gate was closed.
Funny huh?
Suellen and my sister Joelma.
Suellen was late to the Conference, so joelma gave her a ride.


Minha foto
Chandler, Arizona, United States
Sou a CEO da minha familia, a chef da nossa cozinha, piloto de fogao, especialista em transportes, decoradora, pscicologa, medica, esposa, mae, amiga... a lista e grande. mas tem uma coisa que sou igualzinha a voce: IMPERFEITA (O).