segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2009

It's better to say too much, than never to say what you need to say again

How safe do we need to feel to say: I love you?
How many people don't begin a new relationship just because they remember the frustration of past ones? How many desist of trying to be happy again, planning, beforehand, another frustration?
Happiness is a choice. But i can say more, it is a result of an action, a desire and a hope!
We should hope for more determination to express what we feel, instead of waiting, in a selfish way, the other side speaks in loud voice what our fear is killing right inside of our heart?
I'm so greatful for the time and experience have done changes in my behavior. I'm greatful to say: "I love you" even though i know that statment bringS some promisses in it. I'm here to try again how many times necessary could be. I already did before, to other friends and boyfriends. If i stop trying to be happy, or how the hypocrites can say: "too much", I couldn't be able to meet THE LUCKIEST... then, maybe i would "never say what i need to say again..."

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you

It can be hard, but works: If you are heart broken right now, take your time and keep your head up, be smart when fall in love, but not "smart enough" to say such a "silly" statement.

I wish you guys courage to say and to hear how many "I love you" you deserve!!!!!!!!!

sábado, 14 de março de 2009

One more step given yesterday

Since i was born many steps were given towards eternity. I remember when i was a kid and went to the school... i remember learning to ride a bicycle, learning new languages, having the first message with missionaries, my baptism, dating a mormon (he was my first oficial boyfriend "trust me" and i was 21 huh!), going to the University, first and many trainees position in different companies, my first job as a Secretary, i also remember bad things happening to me, when dad and my aunt Graça die, learning how to live with less money, in a small house (how small you don't know), even wishing to eat more and have no thaaaaaaaaaaaat refrigerator full of food, ending relationships that i would like to keep... All of those things gave me more experience, made me stronger than i was before, provided me courage to go ahead and fear not! Ernie is one of the good steps in my life. How marvelous he doesn't know... But, yesterday, i gave one more step in our life together, i sent my application, dreaming with a VISA, so, i'll be able to marry him and start the real life together, being able to walk by his side.

quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

Yes, I do!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't have an easy life. I grow up where the situations push you to an empty space. Hopefully i found the true Gospel to make me understand that my life has meaning, purpose and direction. I study and spend many efforts going to an University. Yeah! I'm graduated, i'm a Secretary! I wasn't never that lukiest about jobs, but i had many great opportunities in my life. After some months trying to find a job i was blessed with a chance to be a Secretary again. I was so happy! Crazy and funny, as i am, i built good friendships very fast. I was trying to help the people around. My coworkers were boring me sometimes but i was learning so much... it was such a crazy action letting my chair and desk to go and serve those poeple, while my director, could be alone, and the telephone would be ringing without stop, without answer for few minuts while i stop a little to help that company works. I also was there early to turn on the light and the arconditioner to my boss, so his room would be comfortable to him, providing a nice atmosphere. I planned many meetings during the week, all of those weeks. it was such a pressure moment, trying to remember if the managers would need something more besides papers, pens, laptops and projectors and point laser. I remember myself calling all of the people from each meeting that i had scheduled, they were pretty busy and could forget. Coffee? Yeah... i almost forgot the coffee. Many costumers were visiting the director all day long and then if it was raining i thought i could be nice to offer them some coffee, or some cold watter if it was so hot! (As a mormon i don't drink coffee, but as a Secretary i have to offer). Those were business men, so busy that sometimes they didn't acept the drinks because stop to drink something would stole their time. I saw people tired after work for a long time and have no more personal motivation or that one we get from the company. I saw managers with great ideas to help the company growing much more while i saw other cowerkers saying that those managers don't do nothing and get a lot of money. I saw all possibles personalities, i felt stressed sometimes, in other occasions i just laugh... sometimes when i was needing some help i found hands ready to provide solution and show me how to work in a group, those actions were always motivating, as well as can remember i said "thanks for helping me" most of the time. But, after i do my best, i'm being honest, trust me, i did my best, i heard that the company has no place to me. It was pretty hard to hear... it made me sad. I remember myself crying and asking Heavenly Father "why?"... but as soon as i could be more sensitive for an answer, i heard something like: "I'm the manager!" "I'm the Director!" "Do you trust me as your Heavenly Father?" and i said: "yes, I do!"

Vá lavar o botão minha fia...

Lavando o botão...

Eu sempre lavo o botão, ou melhor, os botões. Basta ir ao tanque dar uma de lavadeira, ou jogar umas pecinhas na máquina. No entanto, “lavar o botão” tem uma conotação totamente diferente no vocabulário de vovó Júlia, porque ela é hiperbolicamente metafórica. Quer ver o que ela é capaz de fazer com um simples botãozinho?


Vou lavar o botão: vou tomar banho
Botão: não acho necessário falar...
Vai tomar no botão: expressão altamente ofensiva, ela não usa com frequência.


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