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Grandma and Grandpa Pratt in AZ for Dylan`s Eagle Court

Ernie has invited his parents to come for visit many times, but I don`t blame them for not accepting the invitation in the Summer. The weather was really nice and it was a cold weekend. They probably thought they would feel warmer here, but somewhere else, someone has turned the “air conditioner” on. It was fun to hear the jokes grandpa had made about the weather He has found here.


They arrived and after Ernie gets home from work we had a delicious fish I cooked for dinner. Mom and dad`s good influence over family scripture study and family prayer is priceless. I love to hear them praying and remembering to mention each member of our family.


Ernie had the day off so we all went to the Temple where we enjoyed a delicious food! I remember back in my tOld country Buffetown, I used to go to the Temple the day before fast Sunday. So after a section I had my lunch and started my fasts there. It was so good. We came back home to rest a little bit and went to pick up the kids. In my opinion everybody was happy to gather together that night. And then, we went to Old Country Buffet for dinner. I ate everything I could. I guess we all had fun.


We all woke up very early to go to the Grand Canyon. Mom and Dad were amazed with how cold it was. Even Sierra, who didn't go, woke up and spent time with Shade. Grandma, being a grandma, got some tread and needle to fix some wholes in one of Kohler`s panda bear. It is a huge bear. Everybody was planning on asking Kohler to leave the bear at home. But I knew grandma Pratt had promised him to fix it and she would go to the Grand Canyon fixing her “great grandPANDAson”. So, everyone stopped complaining about the panda and we went in our adventure. How nice was that to have a grandma around Kohler? He was so excited to have his grandma and his big bear in the same car. THANKS GRANDMA FOR THE PANDA!!!

It was grandma and grandpa`s first time at The Grand Canyon. My amazing husband was so excited to take our favorites in adventures. Unfortunately, it was snowing so much and we didn't appreciate the view as we were supposed to. We made quick stops for a few pictures.

We went to the Navajo restaurant and made fun of Ernie`s and Dylan`s mini (because it was HUGE) Navajo Tacos.

Ernie talked about visiting The Meteor Crater and convinced everybody to go. To learn more about this place read this. It was so windy out there. I was careful enough to hold on tight on the bars to not fly away. Another section of pictures and we drove back home stopping only at the gas station to fill the car and empty the bladder ha-ha.

At home I prepared the lunch for Sunday, because I knew it would be a busy day. Mom, taught me how to fix Dylan`s scout uniform. She is my mentor in everything about sewing machine.


We had Ward Conference. An amazing one. Oh how I loved everything about it. Not very often we are blessed to hear both Bishop and Stake President in the same meeting.The Sunday class was perfect. We were reminded of our family responsibilities. I loved to hear: “Family don`t need to get sick to get better”, among other great pearls of spiritual knowledge.

At home we had lunch when my love got back from church and his calling. Grandma and grandpa drove the kids to their mom`s so Dylan would have time to be prepared for his Eagle Court. We drove later with our small contribution of food for the dinner.

I took many pictures of Dylan`s Eagle court, because I knew I wouldn't be able to express my feelings about it. Dylan is a fantastic kid and I can see in him the influence of being born of good parents, as Nephi had declared in the 1st verse of the Book of Mormon. I guess everybody got emotional. It was one of those very important family moments watching Dylan accomplishing this great work and becoming an Eagle Scout of America. We are all proud of him. He was genuine and honest in his talk. I loved to see the happiness in my husband`s face. He barely could speak. I could share many scriptures that were popping in my mind about parents responsibilities. “When you see your kid doing important things in their own, you see that you have done your job as a parent”. My husband shared his feelings, recalling these words we heard earlier that day in our Ward Conference.

Monday morning was the day mom and dad would leave. They left and took with them our sincere gratitude for their love, their example and their time.


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