segunda-feira, 13 de março de 2017

Saying hi

Many things were not written but we can always apply repent and wash the guilty off.

So many years have past since my last blog post. Our oldest has served a full-time mission. Has completed his education on the field of his interest. Our girl has graduated from HS and now lives in UT where she studies and works. And the youngest has achieved many things, he has gone on dates, got his driving permit and is super excited to get his driver's license. He also works, although he wishes he had more hours. Thanks to the increase on minimum wage, we believe he doesn't have more hours, as he wished.

We went on fewer trips. We returned to Disneyland for Christmas with all the kids. It was fun. They were way more appreciative of what we could offer. With a smaller car, we made the trip, with love and gratitude. Blended families need quality time together and we feel blessed for deserving those few precious days.

Our Patriarch has passed. We all attended the funeral services and that was a set of events to reunite the family, love hug tight our siblings and enjoy the blessings of eternal families here on Earth. We were all reminded of the legacy left by that wonderful man that will be our father forever. Every singles one of us feel honored to becoming part of his journey.

Ernie has worked at a Bank, serving mostly Chinese Merchants located in CA, moved to the food industry business and the whole family benefited from that, going to cool restaurants, and sometimes, even getting free food. Oh that Chinese customer of his. Now, we are their customers. I mean, we have always been. Now, he is back working with one of the companies he loved the most and he feels home. We are so excited.

I have been within the same Company for four years. When I started there, the Company had probably more to offer me than I had to give in return, but I am so grateful for their commitment with equality, being a true equal opportunity employer. Maybe I should be more detailed about equal opportunity in general here in "the Land of the Free".

We moved to a little house. It is smaller than our heart but it has more square footage than the apartment we lived in, meaning, it is the perfect size guys.

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