segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

Temple Date

I went to Mesa Temple with my eternal companion this past Saturday and had a wonderful feeling of peace and gratitude. I was refusing to go because I was not sure if it would be still open by the time we get there. Anyways... we arrived a quarter previous to the next session and we still made it. It was nice to see too many saints, too many couples. I was thinking to myself: those were probably the saints who work all the week and can only attend sessions on their day off. It makes their action even more valuable.

After I dress up and met my husband on the waiting room and walk away, the view was simply wonderful. Saints going up and down the stairs. For those who have been to Mesa Temple, make a little effort to think about what I'm saying. Those stairs full of angles, full of saints dressing white, full of those who have come to the decision of going to The House of The Lord.

I couldn't hold anymore some tears of joy. It was great being among those who have chosen the Lord. The view and the feelings were amazing.

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