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Fossil Spring Hike

We went to Strawberry, here in AZ on this past labor day to hike 4 miles to find a beautiful and cute waterfall and hike 4 more miles to come back, all of this after 2 hours driving. It was nice to get our of the heat in Phoenix, but I didn't know what to expect since I haven't read anything about that hike. The place is called Fossil Spring.

First, I was freaking out so the kids would take lots of water bottles each. After hiking on Arches National Park to see the Delicate Arch and having a thirsty hike experience, I had promised myself I would just go on hikes better prepared. I took as many water bottles as possible and made Ernie carry a bunch on his back pack. Seems like it was not enough.

The experience was hard and marvelous at the same time. I had a huge sense of accomplishment at the very end and deep feeling of gratitude for all that I could experience with my love, Sierra and Kohler.

We found many people hiking back to the top because they thought it was just too hard on them. For many moments I could think about Lehi's dream and that some of his loved ones didn't make to the tree. It gave me more motivation to go forward, even though I was thinking if we would have time to complete the task on day light, since we didn't carry any flashlight with us. I know! Shame on us!

I was stressed and also thought about the pioneers. Please, don't think the "rebelliousness" of some of them was an act of negligence with the purpose of their journey, it is not easy to go forward when we see the ones we love an adore in pain. We sure need faith and believe on the things we cannot see. I also witnessed that when the mother shows up some level of unbelief, the kids follow the same behavior. No wonder people say that they copy some of our behaviors whether they are good or not. 

We made to waterfall but no one jumped out of the cliff. We went swimming for just a few minutes, cooked some lunch (dried food, adding only boiling water), got some of that water to fill our empty bottles and use to drink in our way back to the top.

Then we initiated our journey back. I was very strong and not feeling the pain as much as the other ones. I had lots of food when we stopped for lunch. I also got some water of the river, to drink in the worse case scenario. I was feeling that I should made to the top alone and get more water and hike back to give my family some provisions. Ernie was carrying alone a huge backpack and also gave up his tennis shoes to Sierra, who didn't take her to this adventure. He was hiking back in flip flops. 3 hours up to the mountain in flip flops? I knew it was going to be very hard on him, and it made me hurt. Sierra had a hard time to hike on her sandals too.

I asked Sierra if she would came with me to the top ahead of Ernie and Kohler. She said she couldn't walk as fast as me. So, I had Kohler as my hope. He accepted the challenge to make me so proud of him. I kept him entertained talking about Disney, but after the first hour alone with him, we were in need of some subject, so I decided taking his pictures and asking what he liked the most in this adventure. For many times he said: "nothing", "I hated" haha. Poor Kohler. I gave up my water for him of course. Isn't it what mommies are supposed to do? He came with me to rescue his father and his Sister. I didn't carry him on my shoulder because I couldn't, but I almost did. And we made the last mile holding hands, I was kinda of pulling him. It was cute. I saw 3 guys with 2 dogs visible thirsty and offered them water from the river, what made the happiness for the dogs. Those dogs were so cute. When you have pets, you care about all of those you find on the way.

We made to the top at least 30 minutes before Ernie and Sierra. By this time I was happy and worried. the sunset was almost over and the darkness pretty close. I had a drink of water got some water bottles and went back while Kohler waited in the car. I was even singing in Portuguese in case Ernie changed the trail, so he could hear me. I think I watched too much McGiver when I was a little girl haha. It was getting dark and I wasn't sure if I could make it to Ernie and Sierra. I thought about going back and save myself. I thought about snakes, wild animals, even bears. Silly me. I was very scared and worried with them somewhere in the darkness. So I decided being guided by love and faith instead of fear. I also thought singing hymns would help and it did. I saw a white dog running on my direction and asked his owner if he saw my 2 left alone on the hike. He said they were not so far behind. Offered him some water, he said he was ok. I went further more and saw a group of  people, and one of the guys asked me if I was going alone on the hike. I told him why I was going back, asked if he saw my loved ones and he said they were not so far behind too. Offered him some water and he also refuse to accept.

About 5 minutes ahead, I had a vision. A great one. I saw my husband with that dying face and Sierra carrying the backpack. I was so proud of her for doing that. I gave them water and all the fears went away. Ernie said one of the guys on the last group I saw, filled his bottle with water. I'm so grateful for good people who share what they have with those who are in need. There are many good Samaritans on these last days, many that we'll never see again after they act of service. We made to the car under totally darkness. My Savior was our light and our water, literally.

We decided saying a prayer before we leave. Honey was crying with gratitude. And the kids and I were overwhelmed with the same feeling.

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